How to Capture Game Footage in 60 FPS Using Windows Game DVR

msi gp72 vr leopard pro nw g01

By default, the Windows Game DVR records in 30 fps, but for hardcore games, that framerate leaves a lot to be desired. For those with high-powered gaming rigs, playing in 60 fps (or higher), while recording in 30 leads to blurring when sharing saved footage. If you’re wondering how to get a better recording, there’s a quick tweak to make the adjustment to a higher framerate.

Game DVR

1. Right click the Windows Icon on the taskbar and select Settings.


2. Scroll down and select Gaming from the Settings menu.


3. Choose the Game DVR option from the sidebar.

game dvr

4. Scroll to the bottom and check 60 fps.


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Source: Laptop Mag