Mobile Security for Android and iOS Devices

McAfee® Security for mobile

Includes: Comprehensive mobile security tools such as Wi-Fi privacy protection (VPN)

, safe browsing—for Android and iOS devices.Feature compatibility varies by operating system.

Includes: Comprehensive mobile security tools such as Wi-Fi privacy protection (VPN)

We know your mobile device is one of your most valuable possessions. And it’s not about your phone’s price, functionality, or brand; it’s the data it carries and the day-to-day activities we accomplish with it. That’s why you need to protect your pocket-sized digital life with a reliable guardian: McAfee’s award-winning and full-scale mobile security app.

Use your mobile online and offline with confidence. McAfee’s safe browsing

Connect safely and seamlessly to the digital world with McAfee’s Wi-Fi privacy protection (VPN)

With McAfee’s security app as your guardian, we won’t let malicious apps and unwanted visitors enter your digital space. Our antivirus app regularly scans for threats and malware while actively blocking them in real-time.

McAfee Mobile Security is an award-winning, all-inclusive tool that can help keep your mobile device and personal information private, safe, and secured. Whether you’re an Android or Apple user, you can get one of the most in-depth and highest security level technologies from us.

Android devices, or any mobile device for that matter, are still vulnerable to threats like malware and phishing scams. Cybercriminals have the means and resources to target these pocket-sized devices. Malware for Android devices can steal personal data and photos or videos, open malicious pop-up ads, cause battery drain, trigger unexplained data charges, download suspicious ads, and contribute to constant app crashes.

In response, McAfee Security for Android can protect your smartphone against these mobile viruses and malware. Whether it’s a paid or free security app, our protection suite comes with robust security scanners, privacy protection features, and anti-theft tools for Android devices.

Many believed that Apple devices are less vulnerable to malware attacks than other types of devices. After all, iOS devices only run licensed applications from the App Store. Malware and virus attacks on Apple, however, are not unheard of. There are few instances where iPhones fall prey to malicious websites, third-party applications, and iMessages. Cybercriminals today look for loopholes in Apple’s security, and they try to exploit this security through malicious websites and suspicious iMessages.

In response, McAfee Security for iOS delivers protection against emerging cybersecurity threats targeting the Apple ecosystem. Whether it’s a paid or free antivirus app, our protection suite comes with the tools you need to protect your device and personal information.

Yes. Although less common, Android and iOS devices can still get viruses despite their built-in phone security. Threats like viruses and malware can enter through external sources, such as third-party applications, malicious websites, and iMessage links.

Yes. A security app will give you layers of protection against viruses and malware. Paired with built-in OS-level protection and Secure VPN, it will easily allow you to detect and avoid threats as you manage your digital life.

Aside from downloading a reliable antivirus app, there are preventive measures that can also help you protect your phone against external threats. Here are some best practices to keep in mind:

Mobile malware and viruses can affect the performance of the device and its stored applications. The symptoms of an infected phone can easily be detected by observing its behavior. Here are easy ways to tell if your phone caught a virus.

You can use the McAfee Security Android app to scan for viruses, with an option to delete the data or application infected with the virus or to delete the actual malware itself. After this, you can restart or reset your mobile device and restore your content.

A free antivirus app can offer some degree of phone protection against malware. However, as cybercriminals are constantly evolving, our Standard and Plus plan can deliver more holistic protection, giving you advanced features such as content back up, 24/7 support, and VPN for your mobile devices.

Android users can download the McAfee Mobile Security app from the Google Play store, while Apple users can get it from the App store. Get started by installing the app and following the on-screen instructions.

To combat threats specific to each OS, our mobile security app has dedicated and separate features that work best with Android and Apple. But even if each OS has its own set of features to make sure that the additional security we provide for both can combat the latest malware and phishing attacks threatening mobile devices today.

If you have more questions regarding our mobile security app, head to our support site to reach out to us.

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