Free Movie Streaming Websites [2021] - No Sign Up Required

Imagine you have been slogging away for the entire day and after reaching home and freshening up, you just need a dose of entertainment and you are just genuinely willing to get snuggled up in your blankets and watch an entertaining movie. What are your options? Youtube? But do you feel Youtube is a movie-oriented platform? Maybe no. Then what other options are there? Netflix? Amazon Prime?

Free Movie Streaming Sites

But in the times of Pandemic are you sure that you are willing to spend any money on buying subscriptions for these movie and web series streaming websites? And are you just tired of the sheer drudgery of giving away your information and at times bank account details as well, in order to sign up for these services? Won’t it be significantly convenient if you’d be informed or aware of those movie streaming websites that where you can watch numerous films for free without you being required to get involved in tiring procedures of signing up, remembering passwords, and adding your bank details?

Well, then we are delighted to “broaden your horizons” and offer you a list, prepared with a lot of effort and research which lasted for an endless number of hours, of free movie online streaming sites that require no sign-up and no formality of any sort.

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List Of 5+ Free Movies Streaming Websites

Here we have listed some free Movies Streaming websites. So let’s get started with the list.

1. Tubi TV

Tubi TV has been in the scene for a very long now and it has been a convincingly phenomenal website that streams movies for free and without requiring the user to sign up to the website for any membership or subscription. Tubi TV allows you to access numerous movies and tv shows as well. The only issue with this streaming website is that it isn’t available in the European Union and therefore people from the European Union cannot access the website.

Tubi TV

One can watch an impressively wide variety of genres of movies and tv shows such as action, drama, thriller, romance, horror, cult classics, and even documentaries. Also, their video quality is mostly HD but older movies might be in SD. Tubi TV also supports a wide range of platforms such as Android, Ios, Roku, Apple TV, PS4, smart TVs, Web, Xfinity, and Amazon Fire OS.

2. 123Movies

123Movies is one of the most popular movie streaming platforms that do not require the viewer to sign up for the service. It allows millions of users all over the world to watch movies and for free. The quality of the content is also HD, and so it is preferred quite a lot. Also, various web shows are available on 123Movies which makes it quite an attractive movie streaming website.


The easy to maneuver system of the website adds significantly to the appeal of the website.

3. Sony Crackle

Crackle which was bought by Sony and later became Sony Crackle is one of the very few free movie streaming platforms that genuinely has the potential to rival the upscale service quality of media services giant Netflix.

But Sony Crackle is free only in the USA and Australia, and in Latin America and the Caribbean, it is a premium service provider which means one who is either living in Latin America or the Caribbean region, would have to purchase a subscription in order to watch content on Sony Crackle. And in rest of the world, Crackle is just not available, so one has to use ExpressVPN which has the potential to unblock Sony Crackle, by doing which, one can easily access the website while he or she is staying in those parts of the world where it isn’t officially available.

Sony Crackle

This platform is quite fascinating as it features a virtual library of some of the best content ever produced either in the form of movies or tv shows and web series. One can dabble with a number of genres in terms of watching the content such as action, comedy, drama, originals, sci-fi, romance, and many more. Even the quality is HD which makes it a highly attractive platform. Also, it supports all the major platforms such as Web, Android, Roku, PS, etc.

4. Free Movies Cinema

If you are a fan of independent films, then Free Movies Cinema is an absolutely marvelous platform that allows you to watch movies for free and doesn’t require you to sign up for the service. This free streaming site has a huge compilation of 600+ films and is a convincingly engaging website.

Free Movies Cinema

Apart from independent films, it also features mainstream cinema which adds considerably to the attraction and appeal of the website. It features genres such as adventure, action, comedy, sci-fi, thriller, and many more which makes the website all the more fascinating. You watch free movies whenever you want wherever you want.

5. Movies Found Online

Movies Found Online though might seem to be an illegal website, it happens to use legal means to stream movies as most of the movies found on this website are available on Youtube. So the major task that this free streaming service effortlessly does is compiling a huge bunch of movies that are available on Youtube and act as a virtual movie library.

Movies Found Online

It features a highly convenient interface that adds to the attraction of the website. It features content as old as the 1900s which is a huge plus point for its service.

6. Peacock TV

Peacock TV is a brand new streaming website launched in 2020. It has a vast library of movies, TV shows, and live channels.

Peacock TV offers a free and ad-supported version that contains 13,000+ hours of movies and TV shows. That’s the reason it gained millions of subscribers within months.

Peacock TV

It is available as an application that supports iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, and many others. You can also subscribe to its paid version for more content.

7. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is probably the best alternative to a paid OTT platform. This ad-supported platform offers on-demand movies and TV shows from ViacomCBS. It has 250+ live channels that stream live.


The best part is, all of its content is absolutely FREE. You can stream high-quality content with some commercial ads.

The Pluto TV library keeps updated from time to time. Sometimes it also adds the latest release that makes it more valuable.

8. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix LLC is a free and on-demand streaming website owned by Screen Media Venture. It offers a plethora of quality content with some commercial breaks.


It contains a big category, including action, drama, comedy, horror, and many others: more than 1,500 movies and TV shows you can watch in high resolution.

The website is malware-free and legal. The sign-up is optional. But it does offer a personalized account if you sign-up. It also supports Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, etc. that lets you watch content on a big screen.


SNAGFILMS is an ad-supported streaming website. The structure of this website looks like a paid OTT platform, but all of its content is FREE.


Here you can find some fantastic collections of movies and TV shows. The website keeps updating with new content every week.

The video format is quite good. It doesn’t promise the latest release. But you can find some good content. The search bar makes it easier to find your favorite movies and TV shows, if available.

10. AZMovies

Like others, AZMovies is also an ad-supported streaming website. It is a free source to watch movies and TV shows.

It provides most of its content in 1080p, making it more valuable than others. It also allows users to download movies and TV shows. So you can watch it later without the internet.

AZMovies is banned in some countries as it is considered an illegal piracy website.

11. SolarMovie

SolarMovie is new in the live-streaming category. But it has a vast library full of high-quality content.

It offers all of its content for Free. There’s a filter mode on this website where you can categorize movies and TV shows.

You can search for on-demand sci-fi, drama, action, and horror movies. You can also sign-up by email to receive future updates.

12. GoStream

GoStream is one of the fastest-growing streaming platforms because it offers tons of on-demand content for FREE.


This is a link-based website—all of its content can be stream when you click the link. The video quality is pretty good. It is totally ad-free. The only thing bad about this website is, there are no TV shows available.

13. Kanopy

Kanopy is a free live-streaming service provider. This is an ad-supported platform. But if you create an account after sign-up, you can watch all of its content with any ads.


Although its library is not that big compared to others, the limited content is hand-picked and the greatest of all time. It also offers a kid section where children can watch cartoons and animated movies.

14. Watch Free

Watch Free contains the most extensive collection of movies and TV shows of all genres. It has different sections like Latest Movies, Top 100, Popular Movies, etc., on its homepage.


This is an ad-supported website, but its content is in high resolution. You can also search for your favorite movie and TV from the search box. You can sign-up with your registered account for further updates.

15. StreamLord

StreamLord is one of the fastest websites that lets you live stream for free. It works perfectly without sign-up, but it offers free registration to watch content in high resolution.


This ad-supported website also lets you download movies and TV shows. You can watch from the download section with any internet access. It has a community and help center where users can discuss their problems about the site issues. The website is 100% safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best free movie streaming websites?

Here are some best free movies online streaming websites:

  • Tubi TV
  • 123Movies
  • Sony Crackle
  • Pluto TV
  • Peacock TV
  • Free Movies Cinema
  • Movies Found Online

Is it safe to watch movies on 123movies?

123Movies is not safe to stream movies because the official site has been taken down and replaced by some pirated copies which can infect malware to your PC and it also shows malicious ads.

Is Sony Crackle really a free movie streaming site?

Sony Crackle is one of the best and legit movie streaming sites, which provides free movies and TV shows. But Sony Crackle is free only in the USA and Australia, and in Latin America and the Caribbean, one can use Sony Crackle by using VPN to unblock Sony Crackle.

Is it legal to watch movies on Free Movies Cinema?

Free movies cinema is an illegal movie streaming site, but it does not host any pirated content, so there is no legal case filed under this site.

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These platforms are genuinely interesting and because they are available in huge numbers, one shouldn’t shy away from using them. After all, when things are available for free and without risk, why shouldn’t one opt for them? These platforms are here to stay and would continue to rival the media giants such as Netflix and Amazon Prime for a long time now.

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