BCA students take on two-sentence spooky story challenge

Published on Wednesday, Oct. 28, 2020

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The world's shortest horror story was originally published in 1948; it was written by Frederic Brown, and consists of two sentences.

It reads: "The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door ..."

With Halloween being this upcoming weekend, Nick Geary's creative writing students at the Berkeley Center for the Arts were recently challenged to come up with their own spooky sentences.

From stories that rhymed to paranormal ideas, Geary's students delivered.

Check out what these students came up with.

The Berkeley Center for the Arts is Berkeley County School District's first arts magnet program established on the secondary level. It is housed on the campus of Goose Creek High School.


Whatever it was staring back at him from the bathroom mirror, he was certain it was something inhuman. With shaking hands, he reached for the door—but the knob wouldn’t turn... -Cheyenne Smith I woke up to loud circus music playing in my room, so I squeezed my eyes shut hoping that it was all a dream. When I opened them, the head of an old clown was bouncing on the edge of my bed and the words “wanna play?” were carved into my arm... -Ariana Nava

The sound of footsteps echoed in the otherwise empty school hallway, so Lillian turned around, only to find herself staring back. She stretched out her mouth good and wide, and swallowed herself whole... -Imani Smith

I took a late shower last night and when I got out, I saw my reflection in the mirror smiling at me. Except, I wasn't smiling... -Lewis Lee

“Mommy, come play with us,” the boy, an only child, begged his mother, rolling a ball towards the dark corner of his room. His mother watched as it rolled back... -Ellie Elrod Through the ash and remains of his house, it seemed as though not a single thing was neither salvageable nor alive. The smile of victory spread across his face... -Rebecca Beemer Fog crawls up my back on a lonely walk home. As I stop to tie my shoe, a twig snaps behind me... -Savannah Craig


“Honey, your dad was planning on abandoning us for dinner. But don’t worry, I took care of it,” my mother said, tenderly placing a large filet into the sizzling cast iron skillet... -Gabrielle Palmer

For days, I waited in that tree with an ache in my throat. You’d think the trick-or-treaters would know the difference between a decoration and a body... -Sheila Floyd As usual, I walked through the cemetery to visit my grandmother’s grave. But as I squatted down to place flowers near her, I saw a tombstone next to hers that read my name... -Haruka Hill


The lamp helped my shadow to the wall as I stood up. But when I turned it off and laid down, it was still there... -La’Shaun Simmons Hearing her mom call her down for dinner, Julie begins to walk to the kitchen. As she's walking, she looks down at her beeping phone only to see a text from her mother saying that she's still at work... -Rylee Rogers “On cliffs as high as these, the only thing that you can rely upon is your rope,” said the instructor, confidently. Snap. -Aiden Milligan A little girl around the age of six stood alone in a sea of unfamiliar people in an unfamiliar place. The sound of her own heartbeat speeds up and intensifies, running shivers down her spine until the sound stops completely as a coarse hand grabs her by the shoulder... -Josefin Eraula I woke up from a terrible dream last night to the sound of voices. I went to the living room only to find no one but the shadows dancing around me with their hands stretched out, clawing at my shirt... -Kirsten Franklin

I was out taking pictures of a friend for a school project. When I went back to choose the pictures I liked best, there wasn't anyone in the photos... -Raychel Davis

My daughter asked me to check her closet for anything scary, so of course I humoured her and looked. Inside, my daughter was curled up into a ball, crying, and said, “Mommy, there’s something in my room.”

-Avalon Young


A mother called out to her daughter from another room. She began to search for her mother’s voice, only to be hastily pulled into a closet, where her mother whispered, “I heard it too.” -Alysia Wilson He always wondered why his mother stared at the living room wall like that. Then he saw it too as it whispered in his ear, “Finally,” and opened to pull him in... -Ayanna Simmons

Julie Jenkins was so nice. Julie Jenkins had no vice, but when her mother came back home, Julie Jenkins found her tomb... -Madison Girourd

My sister was always the pretty one. Now that I wear her skin, I understand what they all saw... -Alyssa Ruth I look at the clock reading 3:01 am as her nails begin to scratch down my back with bony fingers and her sharp, cracked nails wrapped around my face, muffling my screams. I jump out of my bed, sweat dripping off the tip of my nose realizing it was just a dream, as I notice the big hand on the clock pointing to the 3 and hear the creak of my window slowly slide open... -Novalee Lackey

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