The Purge Challenge is a twist that was introduced on Invasion of the Champions, and has been used on every season until War of the Worlds 2. During a Purge Challenge, players eliminated after getting last place on the challenge, or are occasionally eliminated by the challenge winner.


Twist History

Invasion of the Champions

The first Purge Challenge was introduced during the Underdog Bloodbath. For the first part of the Bloodbath, TJ announced that the last place male and last place female player of the challenge will be eliminated.

Episode Challenge Eliminated
Male Female
11 X-It Hunter Jenna

XXX: Dirty 30

TJ formally introduced Purge Challenges during the first challenge of the season, "The Purge." During "The Purge", each of the 28 players were required to win one of the three parts of the challenge to guarantee safety. The winners of the third and final round of "The Purge," Cory and Jenna, were tasked with eliminating six of the final eight players, saving the remaining two. Later in the season during the "Blackout" and "Backstabber" challenges, TJ announced that the winning players are able to send players straight to the Redemption House in addition to voting players into the Presidio. TJ announced "The Second Purge" prior to the Final Challenge where the remaining 10 players competed in two separate challenges as pairs and individuals for the final six spots.

Episode Challenge Eliminated
Male Female
1 The Purge Darrell Devin Shane Amanda LaToya Simone
12/13 Blackout CT Cara Maria
14 Backstabber Jordan Veronica
15/16 X Marks the Spot Hunter Tony Jenna Kailah
Snaking Your Way Back In


Purge Challenges returned on Vendettas, where TJ would occasionally announce that the last place male or last place female of the challenge would be eliminated.

Episode Challenge Eliminated
Male Female
1 Get Off the Rock Rogan Nicole R.
12/13 Help Me, Rhonda Devin Jemmye
13 Outside the Box Nelson


  • No female player was eliminated during the "Outside the Box" challenge, as the four female finalists had already been determined.

Final Reckoning

Purge Challenges returned on Final Reckoning, where TJ would occasionally announce that the last place team of the challenge would be eliminated, with the exception of the "Opening Challenge" where it was announced that two teams would be eliminated. In addition to guaranteeing themselves safety, TJ announced that the winners of Purge Challenges would also receive a significant advantage at the following challenge.

Episode Challenge Eliminated
1 Opening Challenge Britni & Chuck Da'Vonne & Jozea Jemmye & Jenna
5 Shark Bait CT & Veronica
10/11 Dunking for Dinner
17 Heads Will Roll Nelson & Shane
18 Rolling Thunder


  • Despite Britni & Chuck and Jemmye & Jenna being deemed the two last place teams during the "Opening Challenge", TJ announced that the challenge winners, Amanda & Zach were required to select a third team to be eliminated. They selected Da'Vonne & Jozea.

War of the Worlds

Purge Challenges once again returned for War of the Worlds, where during the Opening Challenge, the last two rookies to complete the challenge would be eliminated from the competition. Another Purge Challenge happened before the final to determine this season's finalists.

Episode Challenge Eliminated
Male Female
1 Impending Dune Josh Liz
14 Judgement Day Paulie Da'Vonne


  • Despite Josh being eliminated in the "Impending Dune" challenge, Alan was medically disqualified and Josh served as a replacement.

War of the Worlds 2

In 'War of the Worlds 2, a Purge took place during the "Puzzling Swim" challenge. The slowest swimming team was eliminated from the game.

Episode Challenge Eliminated
Male Female
13 Puzzling Swim Joss Kayleigh

Source: The Challenge Wiki