Second Generation

The second generation of Monster Hunter is comprised of the second set of three games released between February 16th, 2006 and August 1st, 2009. The second generation expanded upon the gameplay principles and content established in the first generation.


Gameplay Features

The second generation of Monster Hunter introduced several new features. Firstly, a day and night cycle, as well as a season cycle, both of which dictated monster and item appearances. Armor slots and decorations were introduced as well, allowing players to further customize the skill sets of their equipment. The second generation also notably introduced the Felyne Comrade system, which allows players to bring along an AI-controlled Felyne warrior into battle with them to aid in hunting and gathering. This would become a mainstay feature for the series, implemented in every generation to follow. Epic Hunting Quests first appeared in the second generation, as did Treasure-Hunting Quests. The second generation added a new element in the form of ice.


The second generation introduced thirty-six monsters, including two monster types: Carapaceon and Fanged Beast.

Small Monsters

Shakalaka Great Thunderbug Anteka Popo
Giaprey Remobra Hermitaur Ceanataur
Conga Blango

Large Monsters


The second generation introduced four weapon types, classified into either melee or "Blademaster" weapons, and ranged or "Gunner" weapons.

Blademaster Weapons

Gunner Weapons


The second generation featured twelve hunting grounds. Seven of these were general hunting grounds meant for multi-purpose exploration and traversal, one was a battle arena, and four were special boss areas.


The offline portion of Monster Hunter 2 took place in Jumbo Village, while the online portion took place in Dundorma. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite were set in Pokke Village.

Thematic Motifs

The second generation games featured a similar combination of exotic and medieval aesthetics to the first generation, although there was a greater emphasis on exploration, with a wider variety of content.


  • The first generation to feature icy environments.

Source: Monster Hunter Wiki