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GHOST (formerly known as E.G.O.) is a spy and military organization in Fortnite: Battle Royale, first appearing in Chapter 2: Season 1. E.G.O. used to have multiple bases scattered across the map, each with a different purpose. It then evolved into an Espionage agency which collapsed at the end of it's season and continue to battle against SHADOW. They have possibly contributed in The Resistance since the flag on The Daily Bugle is not replaced.


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Cuddle Cruisers (The Device) - Landmark - Fortnite.png

GHOST is the counterpart to SHADOW, sporting a lighter coloring scheme rather than SHADOW's dark theme. The first group of E.G.O. members entered The Loop through a Plane that was sent by the Imagined Order. Their mission was to search the reconstructed map and set up base. They investigated the Loopers while the IO worked secretly to reconstruct the Bridge.

Midas is the only known E.G.O leader, the identity of the founder (if not Midas) is also unknown. Since Chapter 2: Season 4, they haven't been active like SHADOW. They lost the Spy Wars, as SHADOW took over their bases and most of the neutral agents joined SHADOW with Skye and Deadpool being the only ones that joined GHOST during Chapter 2: Season 2. In Season 3, GHOST rebelled against SHADOW’s reign, with no clear winner at the end of the season.

Locations, Member and Technology

Name Image Description
The Agency A headquarters and the main base of GHOST. It was taken over by force from SHADOW along with Midas. It became The Authority afterwards.
The Shark A prison and a former mansion owned by Skye and GHOST. It got heavly damaged by The Flood and became Sharky Shell.
The Yacht A boat owned by GHOST, that got takenover by SHADOW briefly after Meowscles turned to SHADOW. Deadpool was hired by GHOST to reclaim The Yacht, which was successful.
The Fortilla A base built on islands of trash floating on water, that was the last main base of GHOST before it was washed up by the waves.
Ghost House A building that was owned by GHOST that later got tookover by SHADOW and later abandoned.
E.G.O. Barracks Base of E.G.O. located at the north of Lazy Lake.
E.G.O. Comm Tower Base of E.G.O. located at the southwest of Misty Meadows.
E.G.O. Hangar Base of E.G.O. located at the south of Holly Hedges.
E.G.O. Science Station Base of E.G.O. located at the west of Pleasant Park.
E.G.O. Staging Post Base of E.G.O. located at the northwest of Dirty Docks.
Crash Site A plane of E.G.O. that crashed on an island near Coral Castle.
GHOST Spawn Command A small building on the Spawn Island with a huge underground base that is owned by GHOST.
GHOST Flowers A flower shop owned by GHOST, right next to a lamp shop owned by SHADOW
Pirate Radio A small boat of GHOST traveled the four corners of the island.

Current Members

Agent Name & Icon Information
Midas The former founder of SHADOW, the leader of GHOST, and the mastermind behind The Device.
Skye An agent and an adventurer, formerly stationed at The Shark with GHOST Henchmen. Currently stationed at Command Cavern.
Brutus A former SHADOW and GHOST member that retired and became a gun dealer trying to be at the top of the underworld.
Meowscles A former member that joined SHADOW. He then left both factions after The Device. Returned to investigate Command Cavern in secrecy for GHOST.
Deadpool An agent that took over The Yacht with the help of Contract Giller. Left after The Yacht sank.
Gear Specialist Maya An elite specialist from The Agency.
Agent Peely A double agent for GHOST.
Ocean A operative stationed at The Fortilla, one of the last locations of GHOST alongside GHOST Henchmen.
Journey An explorer that was a part of IO's best [Redacted: D4] Team.
Turk A fisherman/survivalist that was partners and rivals with Outcast. He was a part of IO's best [Redacted: D4] Team.
Rippley A slurp creature who was created in Slurpy Swamp by Chaos Origins, and was searched by A.L.T.E.R. for a few weeks until he and other agents escaped. He was a part of IO's best [Redacted: D4] Team.
8-Ball A mercenary that was a part of IO's best [Redacted: D4] Team.
Remedy A freelancer medic that teamed up with IO's best [Redacted: D4] Team.
Cameo A member of IO's best [Redacted: D4] Team. Tech specialist.
Xev A mysterious member that can fuse with his Alter-Ego, Vex to create Fusion. They remained fused until Chapter 2: Season 3. Immune to the loop.
Outcast A fisherwoman that was partners and rivals with Turk.
Lynx An agent that formerly worked for Arctic Force at Frosty Flights.
Bushranger A secret agent that was eliminated by the Alien Parasite he adopted.
Tek An agent that is partners with Terra.
Terra An agent that is partners with Tek.
Contract Giller An agent that infiltrated The Yacht, for Deadpool to take over and kick Meowscles out of there. He was also an IO member.
Cloud Striker A pilot for GHOST, based on the E.G.O. logos on her jacket and backpack, is also an IO member.


Henchmen Name & Icon Information
GHOST Henchmen Guards of GHOST who patrol and roam around in locations that are GHOST-controlled.
GHOST Beach Brawler Henchmen of GHOST that survived the flood in Chapter 2: Season 3. They were stationed at The Fortilla.
GHOST Enforcer One of the GHOST Henchmen that was left alone after GHOST dissolved. He later became friends with a SHADOW Henchmen.


Spy Name & Icon Information
Chaos Double Agent The 2nd leader of SHADOW. One of many snapshots of Chaos Agent.
Renegade Shadow Undercover agent for SHADOW that infiltrated The Agency prior to the The Device event.
Double Agent Wildcard Double Agent for both GHOST and SHADOW
Double Agent Hush Double Agent for both GHOST and SHADOW.


Tech Name and Icon Description
Midas' Drum Gun Midas' personal gold Drum Gun used by him in The Agency.
Skye's Assault Rifle High damage Assault Rifle used by Skye in The Shark
Skye's Grappler A Grappler with infinite Hooks used by Skye in The Shark.
Meowscles' Peow Peow Rifle A Heavy Assault Rifle used by Meowscles before he turned to SHADOW.
Deadpool's Dual Hand Cannons Dual Hand Cannons used by Deadpool in The Yacht.
Ocean's Burst Assault Rifle Burst Assault Rifle used by Ocean in The Fortilla.
Ocean's Bottomless Chug Jug Chug Jug carried by Ocean in The Fortilla.
Motorboat A vehicle used by E.G.O. members that have an E.G.O. logo.
Yacht Keycard A Keycard carried by Deadpool that opens the Vault in The Yacht.
Agency Keycard A Keycard carried by Midas that opens the Vault in The Agency.
Fortilla Keycard A Keycard carried by Ocean that opens the Vault in The Fortilla.
Compact Car Military vehicles used by the E.G.O.


Chapter 2: Season 1

The Lowdown (Full) - Loading Screen - Fortnite.png
  • An E.G.O. Plane crashes and brings a group of agents sent to investigate Apollo. They make various bases and research centers, and discover another group called A.L.T.E.R. led by Chaos Agent. The formerly mentioned group goes to fight with Scratch, 8-Ball's Alter Ego. Later Midas arrives at the Eye Land, several E.G.O files as well as items turned into gold can be found.

Chapter 2: Season 2

The Device - Promo - Fortnite.jpg
  • Midas built the Agency as the main headquarters of GHOST at the Eye Land. Later, he recruits a group of neutral agents, who later mostly turn to SHADOW, except Skye and Deadpool who turn to GHOST. Midas then starts building a Device under The Agency. Before activating The Device Midas turns to SHADOW and accidentally creates a flood which destroys The Shark, one of GHOST's last locations.

Chapter 2: Season 3

The Fortilla (Trailer) - Location - Fortnite.jpeg
  • After the flood, GHOST Henchmen and some members move to The Fortilla, the new headquarters of GHOST. Deadpool resides as The Yacht, with a GHOST boat called Pirate Radio travelling around the island.

Chapter 2: Season 4

  • After a battle, with no specific winner (presumably GHOST), The Fortilla is dismantled and The Yacht sinks. GHOST dissolves, but is affiliated with SHIELD shown in a Battle Pass tab.

Chapter 3: Season 1

  • After Apollo flipped over, almost no trace of GHOST is left.

Chapter 3: Season 2

  • Many SHADOW operatives and henchmen submerge into the ranks of Imagined Order. GHOST operatives aid The Seven's Resistance against the Imagined Order.
  • After The Seven reclaims The Daily Bugle from the Imagined Order, a flag of GHOST was placed in that location.
  • A flag of GHOST was also placed at Condo Canyon.

Recruitment Posters

"JOIN GHOST" Posters were able to be found in in the numerous locations around the map starting Chapter 2: Season 2, with all of them being removed at the start of Chapter 2: Season 4.

Removed locations

  • Two in Craggy Cliffs
  • Two in Dirty Docks
  • Retail Row had one inside the Taco store
  • Slurpy Swamp had two
  • There were two in Salty Springs
  • Three in Weeping Woods
  • Some at Hydro 16
  • One was at Pirate Radio, which was also the also the last location a
  • JOIN GHOSTposter was able to be found, after all the others were removed. Both Pirate Radio appeared and the other posters disappeared at the start of Chapter 2: Season 3, and was ultimately removed at the start of Chapter 2: Season 4.


  • There appears to be a connection between GHOST and the Imagined Order, as there are props with GHOST logo and a painting of The Agency in The Bridge and other bases. The E.G.O Crashed Plane was also sent out by The Imagined Order, as confirmed by Bunker Jonesy
  • This is further reinforced by Bunker Jonesy which associates E.G.O & IO during the Week 9 Quests & Reboot Quests in Chapter 2: Season 5.
  • In Chapter 2: Season 1, a transmission was sent by I.O. that can be read before the trailer launches, the transmission mentions that their "best [REDACTED: D4] team" was sent to the island, which most likely means E.G.O.
  • Cloud Striker, a known GHOST member, can be seen entering John Jones' office in the Impostors LTM trailer. This further supports this theory.
  • Multiple mugs with the GHOST logo are seen in The Bridge, as well as a few inside of I.O. facilities across The Island.
  • In Chapter 2: Season 1, **REDACTED** was sending out Compact Car from the inside. This bunker was also a part of Lara Croft's challenge to find GHOST and SHADOW locations.
  • Many of the IO facilities on the map as of Chapter 2: Season 8 are almost, if not, exactly where old E.G.O. base camps were set up in Chapter 2: Season 1.
  • If the connection is correct, then E.G.O. is most likely the I.O.'s best
  • militaryteam.
  • There is very little trace of GHOST on the Chapter 3: Season 1 island, although some fans speculate that GHOST are behind Cuddle Cruisers.
    • The only remaining Locations left on the Chapter 2 Island (before it flipped) that related to E.G.O. were Crash Site and Sharky Shell (a destroyed The Shark). This does not include either the Big Shots coffee building west of Catty Corner that had mugs with the GHOST logo on them, nor Defiant Dish, which interestingly also had a mug with the GHOST logo on it.
  • Midsummer Midas wears a chain and bears a tattoo of the GHOST logo, indicating that Midas leads the faction. GHOST also happens
  • to be a newer faction, which also indicates how long ago he received his tattoos.
    • The GHOST Skimboard may be a small nod to how GHOST may still be in operation in secret, seeing as how new equipment was/is produced.
    EGO Plane (Save the World) - Location - Fortnite.png
    • The Plane from Crash Site can sometimes be seen in Scurvy Shoals from Fortnite: Save the World.
    • A connection between GHOST and The Seven is present, since GHOST appears to be assisting The Seven against the Imagined order.

    Source: Fortnite Wiki