Final Fantasy 14: The Easiest Mounts To Collect

Final Fantasy 14 mounts are considered by many as status symbols in the game. Mounts are one of the best ways to show off your character to other players. As is usually the case with MMOs, there are different types of mounts to collect in Eorzea. The easiest mounts to stock up on should be on everyone’s list, so knabbing them as soon as you can is a must for any Warrior of Light.

Accessorizing is strategizing. So making sure your glamorous are being complimented by your mount is also a must for any head-turning Warrior of Light. Variety is key, so settling for just your standard Chocobo may not always work. This is especially true for those who don’t have time to grind Extreme-level difficulty trials. These are some of the best and easiest mounts to collect.

10 Level 30 Conjurer Unicorn Mount

Does riding around Eorzea in the most majestic way possible tickle your fancy? Then look no further than the Unicorn. Being a functional healer is a thankless task in Final Fantasy 14, so those dedicated enough to level up a conjurer class to level 30 are rewarded as such with a sweet Unicorn.

The pathway towards Unicorn majesty is unlocked after completing the side quest Unicorn Power as a level 30 conjurer. A Unicorn Whistle is then granted once the quest is completed. Using this item calls the Unicorn mount and forever adds it to your mount list.

9 Jonathas Achievement Mounts: Behemoth, Ahriman, or Magitek Deathclaw Mounts

Many new players may miss Jonathas, the NPC that helps you exchange your earned in-game achievements for rewards. Jonathas can be found in Old Gridania (X:10.6 Y:6.3).

There, you can exchange in-game achievements for rewards including, and not limited to: Behemoth Warhorn to summon the mighty Behemoth mouth; a Magitek death claw identification key which gives you access to a death claw mount; and Voidal Resonator to summon your very own Ahriman mount. Simply playing through the Main Scenario Quest will eventually earn you enough achievements for any, or all of these mounts.

8 A Groovy Dhalmel Mount

The market board is an interesting place for those who want to peruse wares and other user-sold items. Surprisingly, and with enough Gil, mount collectors can find a ton of mounts for sale here. A notable mention is the Dhalmel Mount which is on sale usually for about 200,000 Gil.

Officially, this mount can also be acquired as a reward from the Kupo of Fortune, but if you have the extra Gil and want to skip on the activity, Dhalmel whistles are usually abundant in the marketplace.

7 Cavalry Drake: A Fiery Dragon For Cheap

Completing beast tribe quests is an easy way to build up your mount library. One cool one is the Cavalry Drake mount, which is purchasable for 120,000 Gil after reaching Trusted rank with the Amalj’aa.

Sure, that may sound like a heaping pile of Gil for a single mount, but is riding around on a literal fire-breathing dragon really not worth that much? After all, it breathes fire and walks on all fours. The Cavalry Drake can be appreciated by any fan of the lizard-like aesthetics for mounts.

6 Bomb Palanquin Mount: Floating In Style

Not a fan of riding majestic-looking drakes? Perhaps a bomb-toaded throne is more your style? This mount requires a little more work but is still quite straightforward to obtain:

Find the Kobold quest giver in 789th Order Dig in Outer La Noscea (x21, y18)

Complete the Highway Robbery quest

Reach Trusted reputation rank four

Purchase the Bomb Palanquin Mount for 120,000 Gil

After scooping this mount up, you will get to lavishly glide around Eorzea in your very own personal chair pulled by bombs.

5 Magitek Armor Mounts Can Fly Too

After progressing through Final Fantasy 14’s Main Scenario Quest, you will have the chance of owning your very own Magitek Armor Mount to exclusively stomp around in style. Marching through the Main Scenario Quest for A Realm Reborn and finishing The Ultimate Weapon quest will reward players with this neat mount.

Another notable mention: upon receiving this mount, you will also gain the ability to fly with all mounts; you get your very own flying magitek armor.

4 Black Chocobo

For the Warrior’s of Light who can brave the Heavensward main scenario quest Divine Intervention, they will be rewarded with a House Fortemps trained purebred Ishgardian black Chocobo. If all of these adjectives don’t impress you, just remember that everything is better in black - especially Chocobos.

And since all you need to do is keep playing through Final Fantasy 14’s story and Like the first Chocobo you acquire, simply continue through Final Fantasy 14’s Main Scenario Quest and the black Chocobo is yours.

3 Midgardsormr: How To Train Your Elders

Nothing beats flying around on the back of a dragon. After progressing through Final Fantasy 14’s Heavensward and completing the Main Scenario Quest Fetters of Lament. Unlike other mounts earned within the main scenario quest, Midgardsormr’s respect is earned through your performed heroism within the story, so the mount feels slightly more deserved than previous story-earned mounts.

In addition, considered the father of dragons, Midgardsormr eventually finds you worthy enough to carry on his back - so don’t skip out on the offer because that is just rude.

2 The Cloud Mallow: Fluffy Bliss

Although you can’t just simply waltz through the main scenario quest and expect to be gifted the forever comfy Cloud Mallow mount, you can expect to meddle with plenty of Moogles for it.

After attaining Sworn, which is rank seven reputation with the moogles, you will get the opportunity to rest your tired toes atop the Cloud Mallow Mount and float away into Eorzea’s sunset. The Cloud Mallow mount can be summoned after buying Cloud Mallow Seeds for 200,000 Gil from Mogmul Mogbelly after attaining that aforementioned rank seven.

1 Air Force Flying

Guaranteed drops are an MMO player's best friend. Luckily, the cute and speedy Air Force mount is a guaranteed drop upon completing Sigmascape V4.0 on Savage mode. Zooming through the air in your very own fighter plane makes you feel like a true commander of the sky giving Cid a run for his money.

Although savage mode raids are not known for being walks in the park, knowing that a guaranteed mount drop awaits at the end of a challenging run is so satisfying. The entrance to this Stormblood raid can be found at The Yawn where an 8-man party must push through this level 70 raid.

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