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RCP Testing Tool is a project for GUI testing automation of Eclipse-based applications. RCPTT is fully aware about Eclipse Platform's internals, hiding this complexity from end users and allowing Q...

QF-Test: The Web GUI, Java (incl. Eclipse), native Windows and Android testing tool QF-Test is the tool for the automation of Web, Java, native Windows and Android UIs. It has been developed s...

The Wetator Test Editor (WTE) offers a convenient way of editing Wetator test files in XML format (file endings *.wet, *.xml). Wetator is a tool for automatic Graphical User Interface (GUI) tests ...

Eclipse RedDeer project is an extensible framework used for development of automated SWT/Eclipse tests which interacts with application’s user interface. RedDeer provides the PageObjects API ...

RCPTT Test Runner is an add-on from RCPTT product line that represents CLI (headless Eclipse) application aimed to execute your tests and provide reports. You can use RCPTT Test Runner on any of...

IBM® MobileFirst Platform Test Workbench (previously for Worklight) is an automated functional testing feature for Android and iOS native and hybrid applications developed with IBM MobileFirst ...

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