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Distribute your iOS and Android application and install it over the air with our Best Platform for Beta App, iOS App and Android App Distribution.

We have made the process easier to send your testing builds.

1. Upload

Upload your IPA file for iOS or APK file for Android.


Click on Submit to get the installation link.


Share that link to your clients, friends or developers or use it for your own device.


Open that link in particular device.Either iOS or Android.

Our services

We offer one of the top platforms with best ready services for Beta App, iOS App and Android App Distribution. Our app developers and experts can also provide multiple enterprise-level and tailored services like consulting and research on application development, deployment of platforms, development of new personalized features, technology support on your source code, setup of delivery environments, technical support on even non-business days, even development of new web or mobile application and more.

What people are saying

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