Followers (Oblivion)

A Knight of the Nine, an example of a permanent follower.

Followers are characters featured in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion who can follow the Hero to most places around Cyrodiil. They may be given the commands "Wait" (to stay where they are), "Follow," and "Go away" (to have them leave). Followers are generally non-essential characters, and may die—though (with the exception of the Knights of the Nine), they will eventually respawn and can be found at their original location.



Permanent followers can be asked to accompany the Hero, they will follow them until they die, are asked to wait, or asked to leave.

Wizard's Tower add-on. Fighter's Stronghold add-on. Shivering Isles). Can follow the Hero back to Cyrodiil. Heals when the Hero waits/sleeps. Cannot be told to wait or follow. Shivering Isles. Cannot follow to Cyrodiil.
Follower Prerequisite
Many Mage Apprentices Complete "Confront the King".
Three Dark Brotherhood Murderers Complete "Honor Thy Mother".
Adoring Fan Complete the Arena Grand Champion fight.
Any of the Knights of the Nine accepted to join Complete "Umaril the Unfeathered".
A Flame, Frost or Storm Atronach Have the
Four Battlehorn Man-At-Arms and a Castellan Have the
Ushnar's Skinned Hound Complete Ushnar's quest in Crucible (
The Golden Saint and Dark Seducer escorts Complete the main questline for


Temporary followers are only available during certain quests. Despite following for certain quest, they will go anywhere the Hero goes.

Follower Prerequisite
Martin and Jauffre During "Weynon Priory".
Mazoga the Orc During "Mazoga the Orc".
Modryn Oreyn and Maglir At multiple points during the Fighters Guild questline.
Erthor During "Skingrad Recommendation" for the Mages Guild.
Guilbert and Reynald Jemane During "Legacy Lost".
Umbacano During "The Collector".
Amusei During "Lost Histories".


  • The only follower who will not fight is the Adoring Fan. He only stands around and gives light in dark places with a torch. During combat, he will run away, and return when combat ends.
  • It is possible to have multiple followers or all of them (with the exception of the Apprentice and Erthor) at once, and six of them will not die. Also, Velwyn Benirus, whom the Hero bought Benirus Manor in Anvil from, will follow while the manor is being cleansed. There are others possible also. The surviving guards (such as Savlian Matius) may follow the Hero during the "Breaking the Siege of Kvatch" quest.
  • When there are four or more followers the message,
  • "You have too many followers"will appear. This message can be ignored because it may not do anything other than slow down your game.


  • 360 When using a follower from the
  • Knights of the Nine, they may become permanent, in that they have no speech options, meaning that they cannot be told to stop following.

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