Call of Duty: Mobile devs are 'looking into' ways to reduce the game size

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Since Call of Duty: Mobile’s global release in October 2019, Activision has added a number of new features to the game. This includes new maps, modes, weapons, soldiers, skins, and more.

While this constant slew of new content kept players engaged over the years, it considerably increased the game’s overall size. Currently, CoD: Mobile occupies over 5.5GB on both iOS and Android devices with all resource packs and maps downloaded.

In a Feb. 19 CoD: Mobile community update on Reddit, a user asked whether Activision had any plans on reducing the storage space of the game. In response, the developer said it’s looking into ways to reduce this number.

“We are constantly aware of the general size of the game and trying to find ways to reduce it,” the developer wrote. “That’s the main reason we added the option, with each major update, to only download certain pieces of content in order to save space.”

The company added that it was looking into ways to reduce this without compromising new content. Details about how the developers planned to do this weren’t revealed.

In an older update, Activision added an option in which players could choose to download only specific maps and in-game resources per their preference. By using this, players could download the maps they wish to play to keep the overall game size at bay. But to get the best experience and compete in the wide cadence of maps and modes the game has to offer, a player must download all the resources.

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Nonetheless, it will be a relief for players to know Activision is looking for ways to reduce the game size instead of letting it increase with every season.

Source: Dot Esports