FAU-G Mobile Game's Rating Drastically Drops on Google Play Store: Check Here Why

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FAU-G Mobile Latest Updates: FAU-G mobile game, which was launched amid huge expectations in India on January 26 is slowly losing its popularity and rating on Google Play Store. As per latest updates, the FAU-G mobile game was rated very high up to 4.5 stars initially but with every passing day, the Play Store rating of the game is drastically dropping.Also Read - Android Users, Beware! 6 Anti-Virus Apps on Google Play Store Steal 15K Users' Data

Considered as an alternative to PUBG Mobile India, the FAUG Mobile game was launched on January 26. Notably, the game is currently available for Android users on Google Play Store and should be released for Apple App Store in the months to come. Also Read - This Android App With Over 1 Lakh Downloads Is Stealing Facebook Credentials - Delete It Immediately

Why rating drops? Last week, the FAU-G‘s rating dropped to 3.5 stars but now the rating has further dropped down to 3.1 stars. Players have rated the game with just 1 star. However, this is dropping in the overall review rating of the game on the Google Play Store. Also Read - Android Users Careful! Malware In Google Play Stealing Users' Data, SMS Texts, Says Report

According to experts, fans of PUBG are the main reason behind the drastic rating drop of FAU-G in Google Playstore. Those who gave one-star rating to the Indian game could be mostly the ardent fans of PUBG.

Moreover, some users have posted several negative reviews about the game on Playstore, and many of these reviews clearly hint at the fact that they have not played the game.

Hopeful amid negative rating: Even though the rating of FAU-G is dropping dramatically on Google Playstore, Bengaluru-based nCore Games which developed the game strongly is hopeful that the game will retain momentum in Google Playstore in the coming days.

What FAUG is about? As per updates, the first episode of the mobile game revolves around the Galwan Valley episode which happened in Eastern Ladakh. In the days to come, the game will bring more modes include battle royale mode, more weapons and more.

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